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Communities of Practice

Julia Burns Consulting convene a number of Communities of Practice at times to support senior HR managers. Examples of areas on which such communities can focus are:

  1. Enterprise Agreement bargaining
  2. Downsizing, restructuring and spans of control
  3. Managing major change – including amalgamations, closures etc.
  4. Managing Code of Conduct Matters
  5. Managing Performance

We can convene communities of practice on other topics as the need arises.

These provide cost-effective support for senior corporate and HR managers in handling some of the key issues currently facing them.

The key advantages of the communities of practice approach are:

  • Cost-effective and flexible support – not expensive, complicated, off the shelf products from a big consulting firm;
  • Led and supported by Julia Burns a very experienced and recent Corporate Division Head who understands the environment;
  • A practical way to support senior HR and corporate leaders without engaging in a full scale consultancy relationship;

The Communities of Practice are small with groups of 8 to 10 senior HR or corporate people in each. If demand is high, we will run more than one Community of Practice on a topic to keep the groups at a size that will work well. The purpose of these communities is to give practitioners an opportunity to share problems, ideas and issues with time to explore together what they can learn from each other. This chance to talk with peers going through the same issues, with expert input and guidance from JBC, can be extremely valuable to senior HR and corporate managers in moving these processes along.