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Executive coaching

Julia is a very experienced executive coach, with the highest level of qualification available from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership and is a Certified PRINT Coach. We also have several other highly qualified and experienced coaches and mentors.

People often ask what the difference is between executive coaching and mentoring. In practice, executive coaching comes from a strengths-based approach, helping people to find their own solutions with support and guidance. Mentoring relies more heavily on the mentor’s own knowledge of the subject and networks – often involving a mentor giving quite specific advice to a client about a way forward.

We can fill the role of either mentor or coach to leaders, depending on the needs of the client.

Executive coaching is usually provided for 5 to 6 sessions. This would normally start and finish with a session held with the client and their manager to understand the desired outcome of the coaching, and the shared priorities of the client and their manager. Coaching may extend for a longer period if all agree this is appropriate.

Executive coaching is designed to help good or great performers become even better. It is particularly beneficial when strong performers are given a new role or a particular challenge that requires new approaches. Executive coaching is also ideal for people who may be ready to take the next step in their career and need to plan and build confidence to get there.

We are regularly approached to coach people in a remedial situation – in which they and/or their manager think that they are not performing well in their current role. While appropriate assistance can be given to managers regarding performance management, it is often more productive and results in more durable outcomes if we are able to coach the manager about how to work with their staff member to achieve appropriate performance.