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Executive communication advice

In all areas of organisational leadership and management, excellent executive communication can make a world of difference. In practices such as implementing change, leading complex projects, building teams, tackling organisational problems and supporting staff through resourcing challenges, the ability of an executive team to provide regular, compelling and coherent communication to affected staff is vital.

Julia has an Honours degree in communication and many years of experience at the head of corporate divisions in a variety of government departments, where she has an excellent track record of supporting Departmental Secretaries, CEOs and other senior leaders to get their message out effectively. She is a confident and regular public speaker, and can use these skills to build confidence in others.

Julia Burns Consulting provides tailored services to support excellent executive communication. This includes the preparation of communications strategies, drafting of key messages and assisting with tone and presentation.

Through the provision of executive coaching; building executive teams; and leadership development services, Julia Burns Consulting also provides feedback, guidance and support to assist executives in their presentation style.

A popular service offered by Julia Burns Consulting is preparing staff to appear before Senate committees and other enquiries, particularly helping people to refine their messages and build confidence.