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Performance management

Performance management is often the greatest concern raised with us when talking to leaders and executive groups about their organisations. In an environment where agencies are being asked to do more and more, often with fewer resources, there has never been a more critical time for managers to ensure that they achieve the best possible performance in their teams.

Julia Burns Consulting can assist managers to improve the performance of staff members, by:

   •   coaching managers through performance management processes and supporting them to achieve their goals; and

   •   helping to design performance improvement plans for individuals.

One major APS Department has engaged JBC to be their on-call support service for managers handling complex performance and other issues. Working closely with the Department’s HR area we are able to provide expert targeted and cost-effective support to managers when they most need it

Julia Burns Consulting also offers seminars about good performance management. A popular topic (and area for additional support) is how to handle mental health issues in a performance management situation.