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PRINT® – The Power to Perform at Your Best

Over 65% of performance problems are a result of unproductive behaviour.

Unproductive or Shadow Behaviour has been proven to undermine leadership effectiveness and inhibit otherwise talented professionals from meeting their personal goals, as well as team and organizational goals.

Organisations seeking to optimise performance and productivity use Print® for its accuracy in identifying the real reasons behind costly unproductive behaviour and for its clear and proven strategies for improving individual and team performance and effectiveness.

PRINT® is unique because of its central focus – to diminish the existence of unproductive behavior and enhance individual and team Best Self behaviour.

The Print® tool is a highly validated, online instrument which enables the quick and accurate understanding of core motivations, strengths, productive and potentially unproductive behaviour.

The awareness and growth opportunities created with this tool, together with the unique productivity strategies available for each Print®, are designed to help people reach their maximum potential, enhance the value of their contributions, increase their job satisfaction, and create more rewarding and productive individual and team relationships.

Print® was created for enlightened organisations that place high value in people, invest in their engagement and development and strive to maintain a positive culture.

Leading organisations of all sizes and industries, including IBM, AON, DuPont, Chevron and LG, are successfully using Print® for improving individual, team and organisational performance and productivity.

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Print® is created by The Paul Hertz Group, USA © 2007 Paul Hertz Group – PRINT, Unconscious Motivator, and ShadowFree are registered trademarks.


Individual Productivity

  • Understand your unique motivators and how to design effective ways of working enabling you to maximize your performance potential.
  • Identify your unique Triggers and learn strategies to reduce unproductive Shadow Behaviour.

Team Performance

  • Leverage the motivators of each team member to stimulate the highest level of performance, satisfaction and job/task fit.
  • Instill greater trust and foster understanding and appreciation for diverse capabilities and perspectives.
  • Overcome barriers and interpersonal conflict that can compromise team effectiveness.

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Understand and use your Print® strengths to maximise your leadership effectiveness.
  • Understand the preferences of others to effectively communicate, influence and engage direct reports, peers, supervisors and key stakeholders.
  • Discover how to stay in Best Self and also how to support and foster Best Self in others, enabling them to perform at their peak.

Talent Management

  • Maximise employee engagement and retention through optimising motivational role alignment.
  • Make successful recruitment decisions through assessing positive fit between a potential employee and your company’s culture, as well as a candidate’s compatibility with a prospective manager and team.
  • Identify targeted career development opportunities that will make a meaningful and sustainable impact on engagement and performance.